Because we hold the stories of our Ancestors in our heart and this means we carry their hurt too. It’s heavy. It is time for us to invest in creating a lifestyle that heals ourselves, our children and our lineage.

Ain’t nobody got time for stress! NOPE!

Stress gets in the way of us creating our best life… Building meaningful relationships and Raising the children we love. It get’s in the way of our happiness.

Plus, stress hurts. Emotionally and physically. We can feel it as we make moves through the day.

So, if you…

…are seeking a one time intensive experience to learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness.

…are still making sense of traumatic happenings

need support in nurturing the emotional health of your “mini-me” (your child)

…need some accountability and guidance to establish a legacy and business you love…

or even if you…

…are seeking sistahood and 24/7 guidance to #HealASista


I intend to…

  • Witness YOUR sacred journey in healing.
  • Create and Be with you in safe space.
  • Affirm and Acknowledge Your Greatness, Beauty and Divine Power.
  • Honor Your Existence.
  • Listen Intently.
  • Challenge You.

Private Meditation/QiGong Experience

When I first tried to meditate, I was SO FRUSTRATED! “Who just stops their mind from thinking?” I fussed.

Have you felt like this? Like… “Forget this. I CAINT.” (I meant to spell it that way.)

Thats why I am offering private Meditation/QiGong Sessions. The first time I offered this was totally by accident. I had offered a free meditation Hangout and only one sista arrived… at first i was bummed, but I decided to show up whole heartedly for her and crafted a unique meditation experience based on her personal needs. She loved it so much, she suggested I offer it to others.

Then, I tried it again with a young professional (who just so happened to be a close friend), he was navigating the life of politics and we knew he needed to know how to keep calm, to stay the course. He loved it and told of learning mindful techniques to support him throughout the day.

So… Viola!

This is the support you deserve.

You schedule our time together, virtually. You share your experiences, ask questions and release frustrations about establishing a meditative ritual. I facilitate a guided meditation or QiGong form personalized for you and provide tips , encouragement and guidance to creating safe space and sacred practice.

You will learn about how your emotions impact your organs and the movements, meditation and healing sounds to remedy it all! Plus, You get a recording of the personalized guided meditation especially for you!

NOTICE: Shawna Murray-Browne, LCSW-C is currently on Maternity Leave until late September 2017. She will not be accepting any new clients until October 2017.

Integrative Psychotherapy

NOTICE: Shawna is currently on Maternity Leave and will not be accepting new clients for Integrative Psychotherapy until October 2017.

This is totally NOT your traditional “lay on the couch and let me talk your head off” therapy. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

A healing experience in therapy with me, might begin with a few mindful breaths, a couple QiGong forms or even an enlivened moving meditation to get your energy flowing. We might sit on the floor on pillows and yoga mats, kick off our shoes and get comfy in an oversized chair or even do some processing and connecting outdoors. You might be sipping herbal tea, cool water or mindfully eating a bowl of grapes.

I hold the space for you to share your experiences, I support you in feeling your feelings, I offer insight and I guide you in taking another look at your journey thus far to support paving a new way.

I use my personal journey of overwhelming hardship and outstanding triumph to inspire and support. As an integrative practitioner, I address the whole YOU: Mind, Body & Spirit. I am known for my authentic and candid style, incorporation of evidence based practices and intuition.

Healing Approaches
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Expressive Arts

verified by Psychology Today

Individual Therapy

Are you feeling stuck or sad for no apparent reason?

Is there something about your past that keeps getting in the way?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed and anxious?


Are you just down right mean to yourself and everyone around you?

If you are ready to create a fresh new perspective and clear out all the things that no longer serve you, we can do this powerful work together.

Adolescent Therapy

Parenting is a real challenge and, of course… You want the best for your child(ren).

Adolescence can be really bumpy for the youth experiencing this point in development and scary as “all-get-out” for parents! I enjoy my work with youth blossoming in their development and most teens end-up enjoying their time with me (at least that’s what they said).

I work with parents/caregivers to get the whole story of what the youth has experienced and I listen to all that the youth has to say. I listen.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it get’s messy (emotionally); as I am straight up, non-judgmental and compassionate all at the same time. I will tell your teen the truth about their choices and teach them new skills to navigate their journey. I meet youth where they are, taking the time for find their interests so as to infuse those interests into their healing session. Sometimes this means using music, art, movement, pop culture, and technology to support their process.

The other side of this is that I create a real safe space for them to BE with NO FILTER… meaning, I only share with parents the details related to their child’s personal safety. I am committed to youth being able to BE THEMSELVES unapologetically (with quality guidance).

This work is a labor of love and as a result, I request that parents be as committed to their personal healing as they are for their child. While I am best known for my work with adolescent girls, I have also had some powerful experiences working with young men and am excited to support them as well!

Family Therapy

Family Matters matter. Its just the truth! Each person in a family of 2 or 10 brings something unique to the healing process of the whole. I take a look at generational patterns, family history and other stories as well as the entire family dynamic to offer space for creating a new norm.

View rates and required forms.

Group Coaching

You’re the kind of woman that is walking a purpose driven path… you want to CLAIM your version of happiness.

You’re the kind of woman that is yearning for genuine CONNECTION, you want sistahood.

You’re the kind of woman who’s overcome hardship and you know it’s time to use your triumph to have an IMPACT on the world.

You’re the kind of woman who is ready to renew your LIFESTYLE, exploring the gift of honoring the present.

I hear you, sis… because I was there!

If you’re ready for the support, coaching, sacred space and accountability you deserve to begin to build your legacy… You’re in the right place! 

Listen… the sistas who join this group are serious about growing and enjoying themselves as AWAKENED WOMEN.

What will you be known for, Sis?

So many of us fall short of showing up in the world AUTHENTICALLY. Why, you ask? I’ll give you two reasons:

1 We Get Stuck: We miss the connection between our healing and our happiness. We shut out our intuition.


2 We Work in Isolation: We don’t have the sistahood support, wisdom and accountability needed to keep going when it feels just too much.

Close Your Eyes & Picture This…You… loving YOU… leaving an impact & living vibrantly.

I am telling you… You Must Heal Your Life to craft a Legacy.

Sis, Let me show you How to Heal YOU.

A Group Coaching Journey with me is REAL, Healing and Inspiring. I will hold space for you and the sistas, tell you the TRUTH and together we celebrate all WINS!

Today is the day, Sis.

You can learn to listen to your inner wisdom… to silence your inner critic… to explore your feminine self and it’s time to access the tools!

My 12 Week “AWAKEN” Group Coaching Experience for Sistas includes:

•Six 90 minute Virtual Sista Circles

Ritual, Authenticity, Sharing, Exploring, Coaching, Creativity

•Year Long Membership to EVOLVE: Sacred Self Work to #HealASista

•Accountability Partner (A Sista in the Circle)

•5 Scheduled Accountability Sessions

•An experience tailored to you (and your sista’s) desires

The AWAKEN Experience Includes 3 Core Components to Stepping into your Divine Evolution:

1. Legacy & Love

Honoring where you come from, exploring your driving force and shifting pain narratives. This is Your Why.

Highlighting your gifts, centering yourself on your heart, inner motivation and values. Defining what you will offer to the world. This is Your Who and What.

2. Evolving Transformation

Crafting a lifestyle that infuses mindfulness, centeredness, self-care and accountability. Planning and Accountability to actualize your vision. This is Your How.

3. Abundant Manifestation

Assessing relationships with ourselves and others, releasing the mindset of lack and exploring rituals and tools for centering and manifestation. This is Your How.

Between our sessions, you’ll receive exercises, practices and journal prompts to deepen your healing. Our online forum will allow you to share insights and questions, and to connect with other sistas. In this program you are loved, inspired and challenged by a powerful circle of women who are going through the journey with you.

It’s time to Apply for Your Complimentary Discovery Session

In this session, we will chat over the phone to get clear about your goals and the obstacles that are holding you back. This is NOT simply a “freebie” y’all! This is a unique opportunity explore your truth and determine if and how I might be able to support you, and if AWAKEN is the healing space for you. During our time together, I will share my assessment of your needs and HOW to get you the results you want. I will also make a recommendation for next steps to finally start life! (This candid conversation is a $197 value.)

You will leave this powerful session with:

•Clarity on your desires

•An understanding of what keeps you stuck

•Recommended next steps

•Insight about whether we might be a good fit to journey together

This intimate, confidential and exclusive coaching experience is a space you share with sistas like you: who wish to fully explore, heal and develop in their sacred femininity; the power of intuition, self- healing, love, sistahood and manifestation.


The #HealASista Project is a Movement of Kindred Wellness that empowers Women of Color to renew their lives through movement, meditation and Sista circles, releasing stress and building sistahood.

Sistahood and meditation saved my whole life yall!

It’s the truth. For years I yearned for genuine woman-to-woman relationships! I tried sister circle after sister circle. I had “friends” that totally were NOT friends. I experienced stress like no other… and it was Thee Worst Thing EVER.

As I changed my life and committed wholeheartedly to healing, I attracted different women. As I healed myself, my perception of women healed. As I sat at the feet of elders, I learned the Science of Sistahood. As I invested in genuine relationships, I morphed into the Sistahood Specialist. For Real! Now, when I sit at the center of my circle… all I feel is love.

But it took work! SO MUCH WORK!

The #HealASista Project is a culmination of all that I have learned in my walk and at the feet of elder women, all that I have studied and come to understand about breath and it’s connection to connection. Yep… After I became clear that I was “All-That-And-A-Bag-Of-Chips”… After I danced with forgiveness and took a gander at what history says about pain… I was like… “I GOTTA TELL EVERYBODY!”

From sacred healing spaces of authenticity and nurturing (on pillows, petals and smell goods), to questions posed and answered online about healing our deepest selves…. ALL the way to the HOURS I spent packaging everything I know about healing and placing it in ONE SPECIAL PLACE.

The #HealASista Project is for you if you know we cannot continue to be catty and stuck…

This Movement was made for sistas to come together and reignite love of self and to learn to honor your reflection in the eyes of her.

Join The Facebook Group!

Explore Mindfulness and Sistahood with us Monthly!

The Usisi Circle Initiative: Sista SoulQuest Series

WHO: Circles are created to empower girls of color as young as 9 and as mature as 18. The circles may include up to 10 girls at a time.

WHAT:  Circles provide safe space for discussion and activities for each girls self exploration and budding sistahood relationships. The program addresses where each girl is developmentally, from their experience in puberty and self care, to the exploration of their identity and their relationship/responsibility to the community. In an effort to expose girls to leadership and entrepreneurship roles, women business owners and professionals of color are invited to co-facilitate circles.

Activities include (but are not limited to): meditation, team building, visualization, art, and journaling, storytelling, creating music, challenging media, gardening and dance. Community trips and initiatives may be coordinated and executed with the leadership of the Sistas and guidance of parents as well as the facilitator. Involvement of parent/guardian in the Parent Council is required. Circles are personalized to address the needs of the girls participating. All topics are addressed honoring experiences in Blackness.

WHEN: Circles are established in through the leadership of parents who are passionate about cultivating a village and investing in the spirit of their daughters. Presently, a Circle is running in Baltimore County, bi-weekly on Fridays from 6:30-8pm.

Activities and topics are arranged seasonally. Topics include, but are not limited to:

Holistic Health/Wellness

  • Exploring Self: Purpose, Intuition, & Goals
  • The Feminine Body: Beauty and Self Care
  • Connecting to the Earth
  • Sexuality, Self Love & Spirituality
  • Holistic Health, Diet and Natural Remedies
  • Mental Wellness: Meditation, Stress Management

Personal and Community Relationships

  • Healthy Relationships: Friendship, Sisterhood & Love
  • Communication Skills: Speaking, Listening, & Conflict Resolution
  • Etiquette: Cultural, Business, & Social Media
  • Leadership in Life and Community
  • Survival Preparedness/ Self Defense


  • Self Identity: Lineage & History
  • Critical Thinking: Debate, Music, Media & Policy
  • Leadership: College Readiness, Community Initiative
  • Entrepreneurship: Money/Asset Management, Purpose, Business Planning

Radio Recording of Mamas First Hand Experience with The Usisi Circle

Interested in Enrolling Your Blossoming Daughter? Contact NaShey Ingram, LGSW at

  • Shawna helped me bring my goals to life! I had been sitting on the idea to create adult sex education classes for well... too long! When I brought this to Shawna during my Chief #HealASista Session, she held me accountable. I received guidance in strategy, implementation, curriculum development  and I even planned a years worth of sessions for my clients. She helped me set and meet my deadlines with her honest and candid feedback. When it came time to execute my first workshop, Shawna attended and even gave some clear cut feedback for how to improve it in the future! I always left feeling charged and ready to get things done! Now I have actualized my dream and established VagEsteem!!!!

    Vanessa G. Founder, VagEsteem
  • The ‪#‎HealASista Project: Belly Dance Edition at Kindred Wellness LLC was so needed & right on-time! Genuine intention, open; full hearts = Kindred connections. Shawna Murray-Browne is a fantastically fun ("innertaining") facilitator w/great presence, skill and care.

    Ayanna H.
  • [Since participating in the #HealASista Project meditation calls], I started meditating every day and began with 10-15 minutes. This has since increased to 20 minutes.  I have followed various guided meditation. The impact it was and still is having on me is immense. I used to get physically unwell more frequently -now my ability to let my mind and body go into deep relaxation every day I feel has undoubtedly improved my immune system. I now feel more in control of my thoughts and if I 'slip' into a negative thought, I now acknowledge it but do not 'fuel' it. I now turn it around and try and replace with positivity. This is not easy--not after years of set responses! I've learned to be kind to myself and not be a slave to my past or be burdened by a future that hasn't happened. This has enabled me to appreciate the here and now. It's amazing when you have that awakening and it all began by meditating!!

    Nzinga A.
  • Political campaigns are very taxing on the mind and body. As I prepared to embark on my journey to seek public office, Shawna worked with me to ensure I was mentally and spiritually prepared to take on the challenges ahead. She did such an excellent job helping me and I never felt more empowered to manage the stressful situations along the way! Thank you!

    Kristerfer Burnett Democratic Nominee / Baltimore City Council District 8
  • I signed up for Shawna’s 4-week Qi Gong series because I’d never tried it before. I am used to other ways of calming oneself, like seated meditation, yoga, etc. And from my experiences with her other events and programs, I knew she would be authentic, and teach me in a very unique way, as only Shawna can do! I had no idea the impact it would have on me! She is able to make the energy in the space completely safe and welcoming, enough for me to be vulnerable in ways I had not. And that is where the magic happened, and I felt real healing. If you are for real about healing hurts, discovering things about yourself, and finding peace, look no further.

    Amanda Morgan-Henry, LCSW-C
  • Shawna is a knowledgeable and charismatic instructor who not only taught us QiGong and healing sounds, but also taught us ways to incorporate the meditations in our everyday life. Each class began with a 'Check-In' where each participant got the opportunity to express how their week has been going, the challenges & the positives. I'm not a very open person, so I thought that would be uncomfortable for me. But it turned out to be my favorite part of the class....having a safe space to express our thoughts and our feelings was very healing in itself. Especially in a time where everything is so hectic and's nice to be aware of YOU in the midst of the chaos and be able to express that in a judgement free space. The bulk of the class included learning QiGong movements and learning the 6 healing sounds as well as the movements and organs associated with them. The most important thing I learned during this segment of the class was ways to be more grounded and aware of myself and my breathing and the power of being STILL and moving with INTENT. The meditations I learned, I used many times to regain balance. It's awesome to now know things I can do to attain the level of peace I desire. Class always ended with a Journal writing session. Just a couple minutes to write down all the things you were feeling and all the things you were aware of about YOU in the class. I felt so in-tuned with myself. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to EVERYONE. In fact, when the next session starts up (late September), I plan to participate again. AWESOME CLASS.

    Nubia Moon Founder, #iBuyBlack Fridays
  • My overall experience was fantastic! [The QiGong for Calm and Clarity Healing Series] actually helped me find a way of breathing/meditation that involves motion. With regular meditation I easily fall asleep. I can [see] how this can be applied to my life. My favorite experience is the group sharing done before we start [the QiGong exercises]'s sort of a group therapy... it's a low-key two-for-one!

    Lawrence Brown Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • Shawna Murray-Browne presents with enthusiasm and professionalism! When deciding on a guest speaker for our SisterGather series, her work, reliability and spirit made our choice an easy one. She has attended many of our events and when asked to address the group on the how trauma affects the brain, she arrived prepared with research, anecdotes and activities. Shawna is a delight and an incredible treasure in our community. If you are over- or underwhelmed, needing direction and/or motivation, feeling stuck or unsure about how you feel, please do your self the tremendous favor of scheduling some time with this SISTA!

    Maya Onyango & Nneka N’namdi Co-Founders, SisterGather
  • I asked Shawna to help me with my Women's Womb Wellness event at The Living Well. I was blown away by her fitting right into and flowing with my vision for her part in the event! She was to be the clinical support system for the women who might experience emotional release and such, during our yoga practice, belly dancing, and discussion circle. Not only was she a huge help, she helped to create a safe space for us all to connect and share; not to mention the fact that she helped me to stay focused and timely as a facilitator! The best part is that Shawna does all of this with an honest and open heart. Thanks for all that you do Shawna!

    Michelle Stafford Michelle Stafford Wellness, LLC
  • Shawna facilitated the Keep Calm workshop for the Building STEPS high school juniors. What I loved most about the program was Shawna’s ability to connect with the students, and make them feel comfortable. The breathing techniques and stress management strategies Shawna taught are easy to apply to everyday life. Shawna’s glowing positivity made the workshop a fun, and useful learning experience.

    Leah Pemberton Building STEPS