IMG_9961Is that weird though? For me to say a practice can “Change Your Life?”

It might be… but it is totally the truth. I speak from personal experience! You see, I’ve had a roller coaster of a time this past year. I suffered so many losses in such a short time and met with vast journeys in grief; from the loss of a sibling to having two miscarriages.

It’s. Been. TOUGH. To say the least.

(Don’t worry… I’m okay now. I’ve catapulted my healing to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.)

But, the truth is, all the things I share about committing to simple activities for MASSIVE change, are stories from my own success. While I was enduring one of the most difficult times in my life, I was studying an ancient Chinese healing modality called, QiGong.

(What is that? How do you say that?) Well… its pronounced “Chee- Gong,” and it kept me get calm and remain open-minded when I was filled with questions, frustration and sadness. QiGong is a beautiful ancient healing form that helps you explore stillness and breath. I mean, you can really go deep within and transform the way you feel in your body. Research has even shown its effectiveness in healing folks from high blood pressure, addressing arthritis, back pain as well as emotional struggles like anxiety and anger management. Discipline is the name of the game!

Now, don’t get it twisted. QiGong wasn’t the only thing that saved me from a life story of forever sorrow, BUT it was the underlying exercise that allowed me to stay true on my path to heal myself AND my future generations.

So, why am I telling you this? Two reasons! The first is because practicing just 1 (out of the infinite amount of forms in QiGong) can do so much for your health! Everyone that trains in QiGong begins with a meditation practice called Dantien Breathing. According toTraditional Chinese Medicine there are three primary energy centers (somewhat similar to chakras) and the lower dantien is the safest space to hold energy. It supports us in cultivating the energy or (chi) manifested in our practice and helps us “get grounded” during practice when we feel shifts in our physical body as we move with our breath. Check out a step by step guide of dantien breathing below.

Explore Lower Dantien Breathing

  1. Sit upright in a chair, feet touching the ground with your hands just below your belly button. (Males put your left hand first and right hand on top; Women, right hand first and left hand on top)
  2. Get comfortable in your position and begin breathing in through the nose, filling your belly (lower dantien with air)
  3. Exhale all the way out, through your nose, to clear the lungs. Your belly should be flat once again.
  4. Then, inhale down into the lower abdomen so that the belly expands once again.
  5. Exhale and release the air from the abdomen (Be sure to do this slowly, taking pauses between each breath in a way that is most comfortable for you)
  6. Continue this pattern over and over, focusing on the rise of the belly and the fall during each inhalation and exhalation. Keep your chest relaxed throughout this sequence
  7. Now on your next in halation, visualize a golden ball of light energy, just like the sun filling your lower dantien. As you continue breathing this light gets larger and expands throughout your entire body
  8. Continue this for 3 or 9 minutes, and notice the calm and centeredness that overcomes you.
  9. Share your experience with this below…

I’m not done yet! Remember I said there were TWO reasons for my sharing the above information. The second reason is because I became a Certified QiGong Instructor to share the art with you and I am enrolling for the 4 session series now! It’s only $15 per class!!! It starts this week and its going to be THEBOMB.COM. The men and women that join me for this, QiGong for Calm and Clarity Healing Series will be exposed not only to seated meditations as listed above, but also the beautiful moving meditations, healing sounds and colors for healing ailments specific to YOUR needs!

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