Hey Hey! So yes… it’s true. I’m both a life coach and an integrative psychotherapist.

The awesome thing about this is… the reason I am so passionate about these two roles is because I believe everyone, in order for your village to be complete, should have someone filling both roles in your lives. Every therapist should have a therapist and coach, and every coach should have a coach and therapist. If you can get a two for one, that meets all your needs…do a happy dance!!!

Some people make the claim that it’s the exact same thing… Some folks say one is more effective than the other. Coaches tend to muddle what therapists do and therapists tend to get territorial about your work; to say the least.

I think both experiences have the capacity to help us reach our highest height. It all starts with how well you “click” with someone and whether your ideology meets your needs. There is, however, a difference between the two if you decide to journey with me. To support you in navigating which is best… I have explained the differences!


…have a unique infusion of mindfulness practices, meditation, QiGong & other Mind-Body techniques…

… Show you how to heal yourself and your generations…

… Teach you valuable skills you use long after we’ve completed the journey…

…Explore the concept of and quality of your Sistahood…




Therapy: When someone contacts me for therapy, your underlying goal is usually to feel better emotionally or to solve a recurring relationship issue. Your personal light has dimmed, you feel overwhelming anxiety, cannot stop thinking about happenings from the past, a loved one has transitioned, or maybe you are still furious about a wrongdoing from childhood. Some have been to therapy before, and thought it was wack or you have been diagnosed and wonder about integrative ways of managing. Basically, there’s tons of snot and tears interfering with your day-to-day life. I give you the space to unpack, we set benchmarks that may consider: how you interact with a loved one, how long it takes for you to go 0-100. I teach you how to not scream when you feel fury in your chest, and we focus to address mindsets that were established long ago.

Coaching: When a sista hits me up for coaching, your goal is one of two things: (A) You have a big life goal (usually career/biz related) and you want straight up strategy and accountability to get there… stat or (B) You need to learn to create a Mindful Lifestyle and Get Organized so you can figure out your purpose. These sistas are living your lives, sitting on a dream, and you want someone to help demystify the establishment of a heart-centered endeavor. Most of you have been to therapy or went through some powerful healing experience already, so you are down for the jump off. Examples of benchmark considerations here are: completing a business plan, identifying and quickly strengthening a career skill, securing your first speaking engagement, applying/using your gifts/passions.

Now Remember… I said INITIAL. This is why I said I think everyone needs both, sometimes at the same time. It’s really about, where along the healing path and actualization a person is. (When I work with my therapy clients, many decide you want coaching incorporated or you invest in it later (sometimes with someone else, depending on your needs). Why? Well, the therapeutic experience has cleared your way and you feel like the can accelerate toward your Big Goal.


Therapy: The breakthrough in therapy shows up around the 8th-10th session. Why? There’s usually an outpour of stuff you’ve been harboring for years. You are confronting things about yourself and others while being guided through the release of resentment, guilt, and even shame. If you ask me to give you the answer about a personal life decision, I will offer insight and considerations to INSPIRE you to tap into your wisdom to make the best move. I may have a plan for the session based on our goals, but you have something burning you need to sort, it’s your session, so I adjust… so the timing is more flexible. We may agree to maintain face-to-face sessions for 6 months to 1 year and then you’re amazing… then 2 years later something happens in your life and you need support processing. (My philosophy, once your therapist, always your therapist; but only if you want and if necessary!)


Coaching: I work with my coaching clients for 3 months (sometimes 6 months). The experience is intensive and accelerated, with goals each week. Most of our time is virtual (unless otherwise arranged). The target here is the end goal and we work to develop a strategy. You may have something that you are burning to share… and that’s cool but, we stay on target to get you to your concrete benchmarks by the 3rd month. I am present with you and I am particularly firm about helping you to establish the success attitude and mindset of legacy-building. When you ask me for advice, the question you ask will depend on whether I tell you what to do based on my experience or I invite you to consult with intuition.


Therapy: As a Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical, I have been trained in a specific way to address challenging situations like sexual assault, volatile behaviors, suicidal/homicidal ideation, self-harm and abuse/assault. I know how to identify coping mechanisms, patterns of trauma in the family and value the use of evidence-based practices that work for you. My clinical training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, TF-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Dialectical Behavioral therapy inform what I am prepared to handle overall. When I am supporting a person in therapy, I am automatically considering my training in order to address the tough, tough, emotions and behaviors you have entrusted me to help you navigate.

Coaching: In my role in as a coach, my social worker hat is always there, but the motivator and strategist is at the forefront. I use my training as a social entrepreneur, my intuition, mindfulness practices, personal experiences and Traditional Chinese Medicine ideologies primarily.

My social worker ethics trump all… I have a personal responsibility as a mandated reporter, and advocate in and outside the community for you.


Therapy: In the therapy space, anything goes because I am equipped with the skills to handle the avalanche of emotions: fury, anger, sadness, grief, anxiety, disbelief. I even have a mentor that I consult with for insight and techniques to strengthen my skill-set. When my client comes to therapy you know you have some serious healing to do and you trust me to hold the space for you. If my client decides its best to bring in your child, spouse or other family member to sort through challenges, I am accommodating and serve the entire family. If a person comes to therapy and you need to use that safe space to cry and unleash… that is what does down.

Coaching: When we begin the coaching process, don’t get me wrong, there are breakthroughs and powerful emotions expressed. Tears, and frustration show up, because, well we are human having a spiritual experience. Deciding to walk into your purpose can be scary at first and that’s totally okay. The difference is that those emotions tend not to shift the focus from the specific outcomes, instead you inform you. In coaching its that you express, reflect and get crystal clear about how your story informs your Big Goal.


Therapy: There are rules to protect everyone involved. So, first of all, my client must be in the State of Maryland when I provide your therapy because I only have a Maryland license. Even when I begin offering Online therapy, you MUST be in Maryland when we are having the session.

When in therapy there are strict guidelines to confidentiality. For example, you would never have to worry about someone knowing you are in therapy with me if we saw each other in public. To protect client privacy, the person receiving therapy decides if you will even acknowledge me based off of how comfortable you feel and there’s no worries, this is how I support you healing process.

For payment, clients can use your Flex Spending Account or get Medical Reimbursement (if your insurance allows it) to pay for the therapy sessions.

Lastly, as your therapist, we are not friends, we have one primary relationship and that’s me as your therapist. Even if you were to decide to receive coaching from me, because I was first your therapist, we would still have very clear boundaries!

Coaching: In coaching, clients can be anywhere in the world!

You have to cover the costs, no insurance will cover this experience.

Everything we discuss is confidential too, but the personal boundaries are far more flexible. I can see you at a party and just start dancing!!!!

So there you have it… therapy and coaching demystified!!!

 So which is the right fit for you? I encourage you to commit to taking the next step and scheduling our time together, PRONTO!

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