It can be felt in our circles. It can be felt in our cities. We can feel the constant vibrational shift and outcries from across the world.

It’s everywhere. On our news feed, our Instagram and Twitter… the hashtags and videos, the news reports share a jarring narrative… The #BlackLivesMatter Movement remains ever present and overwhelmingly necessary. #ParisAttacks are trending and everyone has an opinion, while the seriousness of lives lost touches us. Students in #Kenya were killed and folks aren’t talking about it. #Mizzou students are demanding justice, while enduring the ills of racism on campus… Needless to say, there is an influx of violence, protests, and uprisings locally and globally.

While this happens around us, many of us are also watching our loved ones lives shift abruptly. Job changes, loved ones transition, emotions high… and girl… it can get to be a bit MUCH!

Luckily, there are things we can do to prevent or remedy the very reasonable overwhelm we may be experiencing from negative news overload.

1. Log Off
For at least half of your day, log off Facebook, log out of Instagram, silence your tweets and turn off the screens in your life. Give yourself an opportunity to slow down.

2. Use the Buttons
During those hours when you are on social media, if you notice yourself becoming distracted by others opinions, make use of the “Unfollow”, “Hide This Post”, “Block” options. They are there to support you in creating the kind of social media experience you desire.

3. Put Rest in Your Schedule
Are you a powerful participant in the most recent protests? Do you find yourself at every local community event? While this is a powerful and sure fire way of making a lasting impact, I invite you to arrange a time to simply sit down and relax. Yes… be mindless and do absolutely NO THING! Netflix and popcorn, anyone?

4. Talk About it and Release
Some things are just intense. It is only human to be impacted emotionally by the narratives of our brothers and sisters around us. Whatever you do, don’t hold onto the pain sis! It can help to talk through your frustrations, to vent about it, to share your thoughts and ideas can put words to your feelings. Chillin’ with your BFF’s might do it. But, if you find that it’s not easy to make sense of, consider seeking counseling. Trust me, all of us can benefit from an unbiased supporter and sorter!

5. Write About it and Release
It doesn’t even have to be in complete sentences… no one has to see it but you! Include doodles and poems. Just allow yourself to explore, on paper, what is racing through your mind. It may help to clear your mind.

6. Have Fun Lady… WITH FUN PEOPLE!
You have Options: Schedule a date with your boo, watch a comedy, go bowling, shake your tail feather, get a mani/pedi, hang out with the ladies… But remember, do these activities with fun, positive people ONLY!

7. Practice Gratitude
Reflect on the positive things happening in the world, in your life and in  the lives of those around you. Often times we allow the sadness to overshadow our joy. Take time to reflect in a journal about what you are grateful for in your life and in your community. You might even articulate the things you are grateful for in the world. You may actually surprise yourself.

8. Imagine
Clear some space and light a candle. Sit comfortably on a pillow (or lay down) and imagine the kind of life you’d like for yourself and your family. Imagine a community of love and peace. Visualize what a positive village might look like, wonder what it might feel like. Consider how small changes can create safe spaces in our community. While this may seem pretty cheesy, our thoughts create real sensations in our body. With positive thoughts, your body meets with calm.

9. Prayer/Intention
Send love and light to those impacted by negative energies. Request healing and protection. Request that our Creator transmute the pain into love. Intend to support the spread of compassion throughout all you encounter.

10. Get Outside and Be Mindful
Get in tune with the wind blowing, the leaves dancing and the sun shining. Even as the seasons change, sitting outdoors allows us to ground ourselves with nature. I like to think that doing so teaches us about life and balance. A mindful moment of simply noticing the intricacies of the Earth can bring us back to the present moment and our ongoing opportunity to co-create our reality with those around us. (Just don’t forget your jacket.)

If you find yourself implementing any of these exercises, or you have your very own, please comment below and share your experiences.

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    I love this list, truly…

  • Janessa

    I love this insight. An vow to put it into practice in my life starting now! Cause sometimes it can all be a bit MUCH!

  • DeBora M. Ricks

    Beautiful. I just wrote a piece on the wisdom and value in RETREATiNG, not just to a tropical island, but to your bed or bathroom.

  • Adri

    I appreciate this post! I have been overwhelmed lately and feeling depressed but by all means, my life condition is improving so I should be hopeful. I often forget that social conditions impact my mood as well, and I will certainly follow this advice.

  • ms. tina

    This is an awesome article! Thank you for sharing it! 😀

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