I’m Shawna and I am so super excited about the fact that you’re right here… on my site… reading this sentence!

I believe that everything happens when it is supposed to and that everyone gets connected for a reason. So, welcome. Allow me to share a bit about myself…

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland to the most genuine parents, who till this day teach me so much about endurance and connection. You see… I’d watched the most resilient in my family succumb to addiction after experiencing generations of trauma. It was in middle school that I made a vow to help women, children and families heal; just when I understood that that was the appropriate follow-up to immense pain.

Through it all… healing was the name of the game.

I always focused on what I could control… this meant I was a scholar. I earned straight A’s throughout my academic career and always sought genuine connection. I’d always had a knack for feeling the emotions of others, seeing things from many perspectives and problem solving. I experienced happiness… but I was not happy. I was in college when the childhood pain I stuffed in my heart began to erupt. This is how I came to explore healing through: meditation, mindfulness, therapy, sistahood and heart-centered connection.

It was NOT in my plans to become a social worker, but my gifts and my purpose led me here and I am so happy I listened. My commitment to healing deepened as I was privileged to help others through their journey.

I noticed the scarcity of safe space for teen girls of color to express themselves, engage healthily with their peers, develop skills for womanhood and learn about Black History; so I created it Then, I learned about the importance of making holistic healing accessible to the entire family and began studying family patterns of trauma. Once I connected each girls struggle to her mothers pain, the idea to establish The #HealASista Project and to offer Integrative Psychotherapy began showing up in my dreams!

So… I submerged myself into Mindful Moments, readings and sought out guidance from leading experts in my field. I studied traditional forms of healing from around the world, energy work, crystal healing, herbal remedies, movement and was later led to Mind-Body Medicine. I began to transform my practice in embodiment work and began learning the art of QiGong for myself and everyone else’s complete wellness. In short, I began this journey with healing myself and I am so grateful to be able to share what I have learned, with you.

I Believe:

You have the power to heal yourself! I am simply a guide.

We are powerful reflections of each other.

When you commit to your healing… it transforms your past and present generations.

That something as simple as breathing can change the trajectory of your entire life.

We must get out of our heads an into our hearts to establish genuine connection.

Super Awesome Stuff About Me…

I absolutely positively LOVE Strawberries!

I have a collection of healing crystals.

I love traveling and I have visited Brazil, Egypt; Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada and Barbados, (All of them were my favorite).

I spoke at the United Nations as an undergraduate student and again in January 2016!

I admire, the late, Dr. Maya Angelou.

Yellow is my favorite color and the India Arie song, “Yellow”, makes me dance… every time!

I was the equivalent of Homecoming Queen at my alma mater, University of Maryland, College Park. They call it The “Spirit of Maryland Award” (Don’t ask me why.) GO TERPS!

Shawna Murray-Browne, LCSW-C is the Director and Founder of Kindred Wellness, LLC, an integrative practice dedicated to honoring culture, expanding mindfulness, and holding safe space that empowers professionals, activists, Black women, girls and their families to heal themselves.

She holds a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland, Baltimore and a Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Family Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. Shawna completed the Advanced level training in Mind-Body Medicine at The Center for Mind-Body Medicine , headquartered in Washington, D.C. Shawna is a Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical (LCSW-C), QiGong Instructor, Speaker and Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner. She has over 9 years experience serving children and families in the human services field including, working with victims of sex abuse, children and adolescents in foster care, juvenile detention centers, after-school programs, public schools and residential treatment centers.

She provides liberation-focused integrative psychotherapy, sacred community healing spaces, professional workshops as well as QiGong and Mind-Body Skills groups that honor the power of art, movement, breath and connection to nature. She is a consultant to trailblazing change making organizations ready to tackle tough topics about race and liberation. Shawna enjoys holding safe space for Black women, families, human service professionals and activists to gain the skills and insight to live authentically and just.

Shawna has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Daily Record, The Baltimore Sun, a guest on WYPR’s The Lines Between Us and was selected for The Daily Record’s Twenty in Their 20s Award in 2016. She is often invited to speak to audiences about healing mother-daughter relationships, overcoming intergenerational trauma and even methods for healing using QiGong form. As a result of her belief in community rooted transformation and sistahood, she maintains her community initiatives, The #HealASista Project and The Usisi Circle Initiative with her team.

Shawna is a member of The Greater Baltimore Leadership Association (The Urban League) and the Pressley Ridge Board of Directors (Maryland).

When she is not showing others how to heal themselves, she finds peace in meditation, yoga and gardening. She enjoys traveling abroad,  spending time with her sistas, her husband, Brian and their daughter.

The Team

NaShey Ingram, LGSW holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Morgan State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Towson University. Serving as a Psychotherapist in the City of Baltimore, she is committed to the holistic healing and support of young women of color through the lifespan, specifically childhood through young adult years.

NaShey’s passion sparked at the tender age of 14 while working with a local attorney that specialized in child abuse cases. She has since acquired over 10 years of direct care experience in local human service organizations that serve adolescents and young adults. After gaining experience in the child welfare sector, clinical mental health, care coordination, training and community level education, she became even more impassioned. It didn’t take long, after working in those settings, for NaShey to recognize the needs of young women aging out of the foster care system. From this, she created a transitional life skills program for young women addressing topics such as job readiness, self esteem, healthy relationships, housing, post secondary education, and other important topics essential to self sufficiency.

NaShey is working towards certification in Play Therapy and is passionate about providing a safe spaces for young children and women to learn, grow, and support one another.

NaShey is currently the Youth Wellness Advisor for Kindred Wellness, where she facilitates The Usisi Circle Initiative: Sista SoulQuest program monthly, engaging girls and their mothers. Email NaShey@HealASista.com or call 410-205-4932.

Billie Shabazz, LGSW holds a Master’s degree in Social Work from Morgan State University and a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies & Community Development from Towson University.  A mental health clinician at a Baltimore based non-profit, Billie has over five years of experience supporting and serving victims and survivors of gender based violence. She has channeled her dedication to this field through her work with several organizations supporting survivors through providing direct services, conducting advocacy work, community education, program development and management.  Working with survivors of intimate partner violence, sexual assault and human trafficking is her passion.

Billie has trained local churches, community groups, college students and professionals on the following community issues: local statistics and findings related to IPV and sexual assault; the indicators of gender based violence; best practices when serving survivors; and the impact of vicarious trauma.

Amidst her work in mental health, Billie is currently the #HealASista Community Advisor for Kindred Wellness, where she facilitates Mindful Sista Circles monthly, engages women online in The #HealASista Project: Sista Space and is the Go-To for questions about EVOLVE.   She strongly believes in the power of mindfulness to support survivors on their journey to healing and recovery from their traumatic experiences. Email Billie@HealASista.com or call 410-870-9228.

Kindred Wellness, LLC, an integrative practice dedicated to honoring culture, expanding mindfulness, and holding safe space that empowers professionals, activists, Black women, girls and their families to heal themselves. Shawna, Billie and NaShey work together to hold safe, sacred space.